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Single Mothers Fund

Announcing our new fund, the 'Single Mother Fund' which helps support single mothers and their families. Especially focusing on helping ease the extra financial burden five times a year leading up to the busy Yomtov seasons.

It also provides Shabbos food, birthday gifts, and Yomtov packages.

Whatever the need, Seudas Yehudis is ready to step in with a helping hand. 


“Being divorced can feel so lonely. Especially Shabbos. Days in court are filled with so much anxiety. Therapy appointments for all the kids and working full time to be able to pay basic bills is so draining. SY stepped in to take the pressure off my shoulders by offering home-cooked delicious and nutritious meals for Shabbos.

B”H I’m now happily remarried and will forever be grateful to the amazing team for their kindness in those very dark times.

Thank you!” Malka S.


“As a single mum with rent and bills to cover there are little to no funds left to pay for Yomtov and self-care expenses. Seudas Yehudis has made the difference! Thank you for your care, concern and support!” Batsheva L.


“Seudas Yehudis is an amazing organization that has come to my aid numerous times. The two weeks of delicious, wholesome, homemade dinners after birth helped me recover and get back to myself.

More recently, knowing I am divorced, I was provided with dinner when I was sick, a Shabbos meal just to give me a break, and some type of gift before Yomtov.

It is such a beautiful organization, that just gives and gives. I love helping them when I can!” Leah C.

Help support this important work.

Please help support this important cause by donating now!

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